Women's Food Socks

Style is best served in pairs! We’ve got all your favorites on the menu in one red hot collection. A leader in funky novelty socks since 1971, HOTSOX has everything from fast food, fruits and veggies, desserts, and a few surprises along the way. Skip the appetizer and start things off with a pair (or two) of our pizza crew socks in a sleek black or hot pink silhouette. No socks are totally out – so why not stick with the classic look? Try the hamburger and fries, sushi, food trucks, or popcorn crew for late-night binge-watching.

Avocado no show socks with a reminder to “Stop, Guac, and Roll.” For those who don’t care for greens, check out the “Oh Kale No” crew with black heel and toe color accents. Find cool chef-inspired socks, dessert socks with everything from donuts and cupcakes to Italian pastries. Satisfy your sweet tooth with bright, colorful options like the cotton candy, gumball machine, or the seasonal pumpkin pie crew. Order up a fresh pair of HOTSOX food socks for women before they’re gone!