Artist Series

Wear your favorite works of art with a pair from the popular Artist Series. The perfect gift for the art connoisseur, HOTSOX brings timeless masterpieces to life with our collection of fine art socks. Combine your passion for art and style with a selection from the brand that brought you the original fashion sock in 1971. The Mona Lisa, Starry Night, and The Scream are developed using advanced knitting techniques that capture every intricate detail of these renowned works in a cool sock for men or women.

Famous paintings from the museum to your feet. From Van Gogh socks to Vermeer, or Botticelli to Klimt, you’ll find something bright, bold, and original for anyone with a taste for fine art. Many of the silhouettes are available in more than one color so you can choose the sock that best suits your unique preference. Discover funky, art-inspired socks that over-deliver on comfort with premium yarn blends for business casual wear or a trip to the art gallery.