Express your style with socks that are born out of the latest trends in pop culture. From fashion and art to music and whatever else people are talking about, HOTSOX is a place for anyone to find something they love. Choose the colors that speak your truth. Wear the patterns that push your personal passions. No matter who you are, when you step into a pair of HOTSOX, you step into the world feeling seen and celebrated.



We're tuned in, to help you express your style with socks and slippers for all. HOTSOX is more than a fashion brand- it's a community of people who appreciate good design created for personal expression. Whatever you like, chances are we knit a sock about it. Making socks that stand out and last wear after wear is what HOTSOX does all day.



Born in NYC, HOTSOX has created a legacy of knitting bold, expressive socks that embrace life for over 50 years. Pop culture is always at that party and that's where you'll find us. We love having fun being a part of what's going on, making a statement with our one of a kind socks and slippers.