California Transparency Act


Renfro Corporation dba Renfro Brands (together with its subsidiaries, “Renfro”) is dedicated to conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner. Renfro supports the right of all individuals to be free from slavery and human trafficking. Renfro’s Code of Corporate Responsibility (“Code”) prohibits the use of forced and child labor by Renfro, its suppliers, subcontractors, and joint venturers. All of Renfro’s suppliers and subcontractors must sign an agreement to abide by the terms of its Code, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Renfro endeavors to verify that its suppliers, subcontractors, and joint venturers comply with its Code. Renfro checks for signs of human trafficking and slavery in all factories that manufacture for Renfro during routine factory visits and audits conducted by Renfro’s own trained auditors or independent auditors, which may occur daily, weekly or monthly, and may be announced or unannounced. In addition, Renfro conducts specific human trafficking, slavery, and child labor inspections at each of the factories in its supply chain at least once per year. Renfro’s auditors have been trained in the signs of human trafficking and in best practices for reporting suspicions. If suspected abuse is reported, Renfro sends a third party auditing firm to evaluate the suspicion.

Further, Renfro requires all direct suppliers of Renfro products to certify that all materials incorporated into Renfro’s products and packaging comply with U.S. law prohibiting slavery and human trafficking, and that slavery and human trafficking were not used in the process of making any of Renfro’s products. Renfro also highly encourages its suppliers to participate in approved compliance monitoring programs, such as WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Producers) and SA 8000, although these programs do not replace Renfro’s own auditing.

Should a supplier or subcontractor fail to meet Renfro’s standards, or otherwise comply with applicable laws and regulations, the supplier or subcontractor will no longer be permitted to supply products to Renfro. Renfro believes that these and other strategies will help prevent human trafficking and slavery within its supply chain.