Winning Thanksgiving Recipies from Our Favorite Chefs

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Winning Thanksgiving Recipies
Monday, November 21, 2016

Smitten Kitchen Pumpkin Pie No matter if you’re cooking one dish or “nominated master chef for the day”, we recommend you start the Thanksgiving feast-fest with a cocktail and your favorite local Chinese take-out on speed dial. Still ready to jump right in? Below is a list of our favorite Holiday recipes – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


1. Apple Cider Sangria

 We warned you, this day could get really stressful, really fast. Your In-laws are on their way and you still haven’t had time to set the table. Relax and don’t stress – it’s about fun and family. But on the off chance you want a cocktail to take the edge off, we recommend this Apple Cider Sangria from Smitten Kitchen. This great NYC-based blogger fearlessly cooks up a storm in her tiny apartment kitchen.

2. Pumpkin Risotto with Goat Cheese & Dried Cranberries

Skip the stuffing with this Platings and Parings favorite. It’s more elegant that that box stuffing your least favorite auntie always makes but just as warm and comforting. The best part is that it’s vegetarian-friendly. We tested it and decided it’s so easy and delicious, we’re adding it to the weeknight rolodex – 5 minutes of prep and ready to eat in under 30 minutes.

3. Best Roasted Chicken (of all time)

Turkeys are great, but all that tryptophan leaves us wanting a nap more than dessert. Try a smaller, easier version of a classic protein and opt for this Favorite Roast Chicken of Julia Child from Food and Wine. They even include a fast and easy way to Truss a Chicken without strings – how can you say no?

4. Nantucket Cranberry Pie

 Looking for a new take on your favorite can-shaped side dish? Why not flip the script and have cranberries as dessert. Our favorite is this easy recipe from Pioneer Woman. It makes 10 servings but with pie this tasty, you may need to bake two. Allergy alert: this recipe contains nuts.


It’s hard to beat your favorite aunt’s famous cheeseball recipe, we know. Hopefully these put you in contending spot or at least help to get the creative juices flowing.

Be sure and pair your favorite Thanksgiving traditions with a pair of your new favorite Thanksgiving Hot Sox


image courtasy of @smittenkitchen