Sock The Vote On Tuesday November 8

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Why Vote On Tuesday?
Tuesday, October 25, 2016

According to, it turns out that states were initially given a “34-day period before the first Wednesday in December” to hold elections. This system, however, was not very streamlined. So in 1845, Congress passed a law designating the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November to be Election Day. But why Tuesday?

Well at this time, people were traveling by horse and buggy. This meant an especially strenuous journey for farmers. According to Why Tuesday, voters required an entire day to travel into town, a whole other day for actually voting, and then another day to get back home. This however could not interfere with the three days of worship (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) leaving only two options: Tuesday and Wednesday. But, because Wednesday was market day, in the end, Tuesday was chosen.

November was also selected for its convenient time. states that the month of November falls right after the harvest is complete but arrives before harsh winter weather does making it the perfect time of the year for farmers to travel into town!

We have it a lot easier nowadays. Traveling is not quite as strenuous. In fact, according to CNN’s Political Ticker, American astronauts have even been able to cast their votes from the International Space Station using extremely secure emails. However, many people, including President Obama himself, are now campaigning to have Election Day made into a national holiday or to have it moved to another day of the week all together. The inconvenience of Tuesdays in our modern world has been a major factor in down-trending voter turnout rates.

Voting is a right but it is also a privilege. We here at Hot Sox think that if you can make it out to vote this coming Tuesday, November 8th, you should definitely make having your voice heard be a priority. If you are having trouble deciding on whom to vote for this election season, you should grab a pair of these novelty Hot Sox VOTE socks for some inspiration in the voting booth and “sock” the vote!