Last Minute Gifts for your BFF

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Last Minute Gifts for your BFF
Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Gifts with Hot Sox

Perfect Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for your BFF

Your BFF deserves some lovin’ this Valentine’s Day! Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to show love to those who we care most about. Don’t let your BFF go without your love this Valentine’s Day. In honor of this, we here at Hot Sox have decided to compile a list of simple last minute gifts you just can’t go wrong with:


1. Sweet Tooth

Anything like a box of chocolates, cookies, or … you know, food, is probably a good place to start. They say the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach!

2. Flowers and Succulents

Get your BFF a bouquet of flowers. Don’t trust your friend enough to take care of them? Grab some unique mini succulents instead! They’ll last longer anyways.

3. New Experiences

Try something new together with your BFF like yoga!

4. Matching BFF Tattoos

BFFS are forever right? Cement your BFF-ness with matching tattoos this Valentine’s Day! Too extreme? Maybe a pair of heart tattoo socks will do instead.

5. Retail Therapy

Take them out on a shopping trip to your favorite mall. Then, round your trip out with the cheesiest Valentine’s Day movie out there so you can unwind post-shopping trip!

6. Spending Time Together

Not sure how to start a conversation? Say it with Candy hearts.

7. Bottle of Wine

Let’s be perfectly honest. All you actually need is some wine and your BFF should be all yours this Valentine’s Day.



Enjoy this time! Life gets crazy sometimes, we get it. But showing your BFF how much they mean to you even in the simplest manner will surely go a long way.


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Hot Sox Team