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Rocking Your Golden Gate Socks
Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When your Hot Sox Golden Gate Bridge socks arrive, we here at Hot Sox want to make sure you have some fun facts about the inspiration behind your socks. Your bold socks and new knowledge will be sure to start some conversations!

If you hadn’t already realized, the Golden Gate Bridge itself is not, in fact, golden.  The bridge was instead named for the body of water in spans across, the Golden Gate Strait.  The US Navy suggested the Golden Gate Bridge be painted with black and white stripes, to maximize bridge visibility in poor sea-faring weather.  The Army Air Corps instead wanted to paint it red with white stripes so that it would make it more noticeable from the air. Basically, they wanted to resemble any one of our fun patterned socks in our Stripes, Spots, and Splatters collection. Hot Sox definitely appreciates a bold print, but can’t imagine how they would look on such an iconic bridge!

Ultimately, consulting architect Irving Marrow realized that he liked the color of the primer best. It was visible, but also contrasted well with the surrounding area. So although it was meant to be temporary, it ended up being the signature “International Orange” that we have since known it to be.

Of course the famous Golden Gate isn’t the only National Park you can visit on your next trip to San Francisco. We suggest also visiting Muir Woods, Alcatraz Island, and Point Reyes National Seashore.

What better way to celebrate the National Park Service’s Centennial than by grabbing some Hot Sox Golden Gate socks and start exploring!

Are you planning on checking out San Francisco and its Golden Gate Bridge soon? Here are some travel tips from Hot Sox that you’ll want to have handy for the trip. We here at Hot Sox are looking forward to seeing you make your way across the bridge in your new Golden Gate Bridge Hot Sox Socks!

The Hot Sox Team


photo courtesy of @melanie_ilargia