NY Fashion Week: Legwear Takeaways

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NY Fashion Week: Legwear Takeaways
Thursday, October 26, 2017

NY Fashion Week Socks If the Spring ’18 shows from New York fashion week are any indicators, fashion socks are here to stay. From designers like Anna Sui, using sheers with chunky heels, to Prada’s pairings of Art Deco knee highs and mules, to Versace’s seriously baroque tights, there has never been a more exciting time to be interested in legwear. As a fashion socks company, Hot Sox was so excited about the fashion socks coming out of NY fashion week and looks forward to helping you adopt all these kicky trends for yourself. 

With the athletic sock + high heel combo trend Rihanna started in 2015 in full swing, “glam leisure” takes its name from, you guessed it, glamorizing leisure wear. Big name brands like No. 21 paired dainty heels with old school athletic socks for a look that is funky, retro, and yes, glamorously comfy. To carry this trend past your feet, pair a beautiful classic jacket with a ball cap or an athletic bomber jacket to your favorite skirt to look like you came straight from NY fashion week and know all the 2018 trends.

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Another coming 2018 trend we saw at New York fashion week rang out sock-loving bells. We don’t know if all the designers were channeling thein inner Cher Horowitz, but plaids were everywhere this season. For a fall 17 and spring 18 trend, you really can’t do better than plaid. It’s a classic for a reason. Dress it up, dress it down, it nearly always looks right. And of course, always put plaid on your feet for a timeless fashion socks choice. 


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The final trend we’re loving from this season is a return to all white clothes. White on white is a big spring 2018 trend we’re seeing emerge out of New York fashion week. If you’re thinking, “white fashion socks? Really?” We’re telling you: really. Especially with mules making a huge comeback and the 90s being reflected everywhere, a simple white bobby sock with some chunky heels or pattered mules could make you look like you just walked off the runway, and you stole the fashion socks when you left.


Who’d have thought a basic turn-cuff sock would be the look of the Fall 17 season?


As fashion socks makers, we are thrilled at the resurgence of classic patterns like plaid and thoughtful pairings with white, as well as the more street-style look of athletic and high-fashion wear mingling together like never before. But no matter how your inner fashionista drives you after fashion week, we will always have the right fashion socks available.