Girl Scout Cookies & Socks - A Winning Pair

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Girl Scout Cookies & Socks - A Winning Pair
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hot Sox and Girl Scout Cookies It’s February, which means that Girl Scout Cookies are IN! We still don’t know what it is about Girl Scout Cookies that’s got us addicted, but we aren’t questioning it. We here at Hot Sox thought we’d help you spruce up your outfits with sock & Girl Scout cookie pairings to commemorate this great time in our lives. Thanks to the personality profile that Her Campus did on Girl Scout cookies, we here at Hot Sox were able to find the perfect cookie match for our socks!


1. LemonadeLemon Socks For Women | Hot Sox

These Girl Scout cookies taste like a refreshing swig of cool lemonade on a hot summer day. We think that they pair best with our lemon socks! Both are bright in their own right, whether in flavor or design. Plus, they're both lemon based so you can't deny the chemistry there. (pictured right)



2. Thin Mints

As Her Campus puts it, the Girl Scout Thin Mints know just how cool they are. As a result, they really don’t have to try that hard. That’s why we think you can’t go wrong pairing these Thin Mints with our Chic Girls in Shades socks. They're fun, they're unique, and they're here to make a statement on your feet! If that's not enough, maybe the fact that they also come in a mint color is!


Spring Deer | Hot Sox

3. Girl Scout S’Mores

Get in touch with the outdoors and pair your Girl Scout S’Mores cookies with Hot Sox’s Spring Deer socks. They're whimsical and adorable! Plus, it will feel like a real campfire when you sink your teeth into some of these S’Mores cookies with that bit of nature on your feet! Or maybe that's just us... (pictured left)



4. Trefoils

Though they aren't necessarily the most daring cookies out there, these Girl Scout cookies are loyal and remain true to themselves. What sock could better demonstrate that than our Little Spooners sock, a part of our Norman Rockwell collection! Depicting young love and a trusty dog, it is a glimpse into the bond of friendship and loyalty.



5. SamoasThe Kiss Sock | Hot Sox

Samoas are the wild child of the classic Girl Scout cookies. They’re jam packed with flavor and they look it too! The Kiss sock, a part of our Artist Series, pairs well with this cookie. The painting itself from an early modern era is a collection of bold prints that somehow work well together.  They even share a golden hue. (pictured right.)





6. Thanks-A-Lot

The Freedom From Want socks, also from our Norman Rockwell collection, depict a Thanksgiving turkey being laid out on a table. It may not be that time of the year, but there's always something to be thankful for. This sock and cookie pairing will remind you of that every step of the way. One thing we know we're thankful for is Girl Scout cookies!



Whatever your Girl Scout cookie of choice may be, don't go without pairing them with some new Hot Sox of your own! What pairings can you think up?