Socks To Pair With Your First Date

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Must Have First Date Socks
Wednesday, October 12, 2016

First dates can run the gamut from exciting and inspiring, to downright awkward! It’s hard to predict exactly how your first date is going to go but we do think you can do better than the endless swirl of grabbing the same ol’ drinks at the same ol’ bar you’ve been going to for years.

Dating should be fun – and so should your outfit!

Hot Sox gives you endless options to give your new dating prospect a hint at your unique personality; let them spark a conversation or start a story. If you’re still plagued by indecision paralysis over the numerous first date choices your daring footsies could dawn, we’ve done the hard work and made some awesome socks suggestions.

No matter if it’s ‘love at first sight’ or occasion to ‘run for the hills’, we’ve made a list of exciting first date alternatives to get you out of your dating rut, and coordinated with stylish sock suggestions to spark some interest.

 1. BYOE – bring your own everything!

Why not get back to the basics without busting your budget. Host a retro themed picnic in a fun location – art park, outdoor bluegrass concert, or a special spot with a great city view. A picnic gives you the opportunity to casually talk about your favorite food group (cheese – duh!), his new reading obsession, or how you both shamefully binge-watched the new American Horror Story season on Amazon Prime. You may just have more in common than you think! You’ll get double-bonus points if you both show up with matching Hot Sox; that’s fate baby!


2. Pretend to be a Tourist

We LOVE this trend of seeing your own city with a new partner with fresh eyes. Grab some Hot Sox city socks and book a tour with your favorite group; no matter how long you’ve lived in your city, we’re sure you haven’t see in all! Bring a polaroid camera for some instant print pics (yes, they’re still available on Amazon) and capture the first date moment you can cherish for years. Besides, if it ended up being lame, you can always check out that new whiskey bar that just opened up – I hear it’s got rave yelp reviews.


3. Go To The Zoo 

The Zoo is a great place if you’re nervous about keeping the conversation going; there are tons of animals to walk around a see, and loads of great benches to stop and have a chat. Go check out the aviary or the big game exhibit and worst case scenario, the people watching should be as entertaining as the animals.


4. Try and Wine and Design Painting Class

 Wear your favorite Artist Series inspiration and bring your favorite bottle of merlot. There’s a silver lining either way, if your date is a dud, you’ll have a great distraction and learn a new skill. If your date is the new love if your life, you’ve got the perfect memento to cherish for years to come!


 5. Brew School

Whether your passion is coffee or beer, don your fav and get your education on! Coffee classes are popping up everywhere and can help you learn all about how to roast that perfect cup. And if caffeine isn’t your thing, expand your horizons and take a brewery tour and tasting. Bonus points if you take your new skills and show off what you learned – your roommate will definite volunteer as tasting guinea pig.


6. Trivia Night 

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual and group oriented, try trivia night at your local pub. Whiz at Capitals? Know which planet hosts Titan as its largest moon? Know who painted the ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring?’ (Hint it starts with a ‘V…’) Show off your anchor category and rally the team! You may even learn a few random facts or finally learn “In the Hall of the Mountain King” was that song always used in The Smurfs.   


7. Work It Out

Take your normal workout team from a solo to duo activity (only for the daring!). Get fit together and share a common experience – take a kickboxing class, go lift some weights, or opt to get outdoors. Go practice your swing with a club or a bat, or go on an urban hike. You’ll get your heart racing for more than one reason!


No matter your plans, we hope you have the best first date ever – you definitely are ready to look the part!


pic courtesy of @adfinem6.