Men's Words Socks

Comfortable socks that speak volumes. If you’re searching for socks with catchy slogans, catchphrases, and taglines, you’ve come to the right place! HOTSOX has funny socks for men with words on them that might turn heads or raise eyebrows. If he likes sports, hobbies, and lightweight socks that don’t show until he kicks off his shoes, check out the messages on the humorous hockey, golf, and fishing-inspired styles. You’ll find low-profile socks with tacos, pickles, or even a lovable hound dog.

For the coffee snob with an edgy personality, toss a pair of Pot Head socks in the cart. The catchy sock phrases continue with Sip Happens featuring a martini glass. Every pair of our funky novelty crew socks is knitted with soft yarn blends and tireless attention to detail that shows in every design. Colors galore on the rainbow love crew with white accents on the heel, toe, and cuff that add pop to any dress or casual slacks.

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