It was the 1970’s and a new era roared across America. The spirit of individuality and endless possibility took hold.

Inspired by the excitement of the day and the bold fashion statements of the moment - hot pants and Mary Janes - we brought creativity to the most mundane product: socks. HOTSOX injected creativity into a standard wardrobe essential with an added dose of style.

The brainchild of a pioneering album cover artist and a designer, HOTSOX was born from the creative union of music, art, style and pop culture––and in the process created the fashion sock category that redefined the way we walk through the world. HOTSOX became a canvas that highlighted the zeitgeist of the moment for decades to come.

HOT Image


Today the gatekeeper of fashionable feet, HOTSOX continues this style forward tradition of self-expression. Reflective of modern culture, HOTSOX inspires individuality through contemporary designs, each knit with superior yarns for optimum comfort. In the age of nostalgia, HOTSOX remains an expressive experiment for the bold new voices of creatives across every creed.