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All About Our Furry Friends
Thursday, April 20, 2017

doggie bloggers Pets come in all shapes, sizes and species.  Below we highlight some of our favorites!  


Pumpkin the Raccoon

According to Mental Floss, Pumpkin the Raccoon is a rescued Bahamian raccoon who was found at one month old with a broken leg. When the Human Society was unable to take her in, her now owner decided to keep her and has raised her ever since!  Her best friends are rescued dogs Toffee and Oreo.


Pudge The Cat

Pudge has a well-groomed mustache, a somewhat grumpy expression, and a face that is half brown fur and half black fur. What’s not to love about her?


Ludwik Guinea Pig

This little hairless fella will make your heart melt.  According to Ludwik’s profile, he went from being an abandoned pet to an Instagram celebrity within a year of his adoption. 


Juniper Fox

Juniper just cannot stop smiling and it is definitely addicting.  Her owner uses the page as a platform to raise money to rescue other animals.  Juniper is no dog though she sure is beautiful!



This puffy little dog is definitely our favorite pet star here at Hot Sox.  With a fluffy dog butt that can’t be beat, it’s no wonder that this Instagram megastar with over 4 million followers.   According to Jiffpom’s website, “Jiff is an extremely talented Movie Actor / Model who is available for Television, Commercials, Films as well as live appearances”.