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Hot Sox Chats with Slice O Pi | Andrea Pion
Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Andrea Pion Fashion Blogger Andrea Pion, the girl behind the successful lifestyle blog A Slice O’ Pi, started her blog in college with a focus on food.  She shifted the blog’s focus to lifestyle and fashion after moving to New York three years ago.  She currently juggles her blog as well as a career in finance.  Andrea gets her inspiration from everyday life and believes there is inspiration everywhere you go in New York.

Andrea first discovered Hot Sox when she realized that her boyfriend stole her socks and stretched them out.  She went searching for a replacement for her favorite pumpkin socks and discovered Hot Sox in the process.  Andrea loves that Hot Sox has “every print you could ever want”.  She has featured several fun prints including a leopard print, stripes, polka dots, and cookie socks on her blog. She chose these particular styles because they expressed her own personal style.  They are bright and colorful and allow her to make a statement.

Andrea recently featured a video of her dancing in front of the New York Public Library in her favorite Hot Sox. When asked what inspired her, she said she wanted to do something  different and fun.  A video allowed her to showcase the socks in a way that a photo wouldn’t.  Her video was inspired by the infamous movie “Risky Business” with Tom Cruise and in particular tThe scene where he slides through the room in his socks. 

Andrea’s advice for future bloggers is to "keep things fun." She says to stay “confident in your own personal style and have fun with it”.  It is easy for people to get caught up in how many followers and likes they receive through social media.  Andrea challenges bloggers not to compare yourself to others and that “you want people to follow you for your personal style”.  She says that the Hot Sox holiday styles are next on her list, so go ahead and get a jump start on these wonderful styles!