These 90s Trends Just Keep Coming Back - Time to Dust Off Those Platform Shoes and Choker Necklaces!

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Back to the 90's
Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What goes around comes around! Back are every 90’s kid’s favorite funky grunge looks. Platforms to chokers—it’s all back and better than ever. We’ve gone through the HotSox collection and selected for you a pair of socks to go with each trend to complete your fab 90’s look!


A 90’s fashionista’s dream come true: the choker has made its reappearance.  Chokers have come out in a diverse range of styles, from simple to statement, but the crème de la crop is the classic tattoo choker, like this one from ASOS. Matching with everything and right on par with 90’s grunge aesthetic, this necklace just screams nostalgia. Opt for a choker with a pendant for subtle extra cool factor.

Socks to match: Jeanne Hebuterne, herself an artist and artist Modingliani’s final love, often sported her own stylish necklaces as seen in his famous painting of her featured on our Jeanne Hebuterne Socks.


Think platforms died with the breakup of the Spice Girls? Think again! They’re back in every style conceivable: sandals, sneakers, or boots! But if you’d like to show off your socks, one classic 90’s shoe takes the cake: Jellybeans! Clear, fun, and comfy, these shoes will give your socks the spotlight.

Socks to match: Wear our martini shaker to move and groove out on the town in your 90’s-inspired dancing shoes!


Taylor Swift always knows what “never goes out of style”—which is why she is right on trend with the short bob and bangs. Popularized by the likes of 90’s sweetheart Drew Barrymore, a bob, full bangs, and red lips is the look of the age. If red lips and a bob aren’t your style, brown lipstick and space buns have also come back in full swing!

Socks to match: Thinking about wearing the bobbed looks of Taylor and Drew? The Chic Girl in Shades on our socks dons the same trendy look.


Casual afternoon? Floral printed two piece outfits were all the rage in the 90’s and have made their comeback. Rather opt for a pair of jeans? Stay en vogue with a pair of mom jeans from Urban Outfitters. A night out? This soft velvet slip dress from LuLu’s will let everyone know that a trendsetter has arrived.

Socks to match: Nothing says 90’s grunge like a pair of Silk Blend Knee High Socks.

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